quinta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2017

Flowers by Jennie Castle

Jennie Castle works from ‘an Speir Studios’ - her home studio, set in the rural Irish landscape of Carrickmourne, Thomastown, in County Kilkenny. The studio space occupies the restored 200-year-old stone farm cottage, which forms part of a small courtyard with its stone outbuildings.
Jennie has a background training in architecture and fine art from South Africa and works in different mediums. These include oil painting, mosaics and ceramics. On show are a series of ‘Flowers’ – a combination of ceramic artworks and print artworks. The ceramic artworks comprise of imprints of fresh flowers, pressed into white earthenware clay. The imprints are enhanced with a bit of line drawing and then coloured with a black ceramic stain. These are fired, and then a clear glaze is applied and then re-fired to create a gloss finish. The artist is currently working on a series of hand-printed artworks of orchids, inspired by living in Africa and visits to Madeira over the years. These works are created by layering hand-drawn mono prints and linocut prints in an attempt to capture the elusive and intriguing qualities of these exotic flowers. 

We still have works available. Please contact us for details or come and visit the gallery.

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