sábado, 6 de agosto de 2022

New works by Pascal Errante - “Retorta” de Histórias

E se eu tivesse conhecido Esopo, La Fontaine, os Grimm e o Colodi Capuchinho vermelho e o eunuco        Aguarela sobre papel Clairefontaine 300grs 24 x 30cm

O lobo e o incontinente cordeiro

A rã e o rato… bof!… O milhafre esfomeado!


terça-feira, 29 de março de 2022

LAvAmAr [Lava+Sea+Air+To Love] and mEmOriA by Miguel Leitão Jardim



Lava+Sea+Air+To Love

O continente desaparecido | The missing continent

Of the finitude of the land and the black rocks; on those gaps I imagine the missing continent and the cities of men, where new horizons are reached through creativity.
From the gaps of the black rock, I see the History behind me and Art in the future.

The series of 10 photographs is about the gaps – represented by the black emptiness of the basaltic rocks – that life in a small island brings to those who aspire knowledge, the kind you only reach through travel and contact with other human societies.

So felt some people born in the island, but to whom the islander condition was never enough. People like António Aragão, born in Saint Vincent, in 1921, who was a man of rich creativity, restless, controversial, nonconformist, even sometimes eccentric, and that left his personal and indelible presence wherever he went. It was hard not to notice him when he was at work, whether in the research of history and ethnography, or when he sculpted, painted or wrote. Painter, sculptor, historian, researcher, writer and poet. As an artist, he participated in numerous activities, projects, interventions, exhibits, in several corners of the World. The island wasn't enough for him, but he returned to it. And filled many gaps.


(Inspirado por / Inspired by António Aragão).#  

Miguel Leitão Jardim, Funchal, 2022.

# https://www.aragao.org 




mEmOriA / mEmOrY 




The latin word “memoria” means “the one that remembers”. As everything else, memory is not perfect. A certain event witnessed by several people will have as many versions as the people that witnessed it. Because we tend to forget the details and to retain from the experience only what each one of us considered to be essential. And each one of us considers different things as more important. Long term memory is stored in a sporadic way: not being possible to store all information, elements like color, sound, smell, image, work as associative elements that occur to the spirit as a result of lived experiences. For these reasons, this project is shown with different formats.

The 10 photograph series was built with familiar locations of my childhood and youth, since 1968, when I was born and 1986, when I went to study in Lisbon, using only those associative elements that endure in the memory – like the red stonework, the Portuguese sidewalk and others – with all the gaps in between.

Miguel Leitão Jardim, Funchal, 2022.


terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2021

"my hidden creatures" by Hanamaro Chaki | Opening on Friday, 12 November at 18h


my hidden creatures


I’m the witness of lonesome creatures of mine.

My dearest cohabitants are extremely honest and sensitive.

They live in a dark peaceful place.

They are helpless but not hopeless.

They are ugly but charming.

Their twisted arms are looking for a cuddle and their tangled hair is longing for a gentle stroking.

The tears behind the smile, the silent cry. 

They are mute but speak with their eyes.


I meet those creatures when I have the urge to draw. They are normally hiding inside of me.

Drawing always was a channel to connect with them. Sometimes I see them as visions, and sometimes they come out as figures from the lines I draw.

They exist hiding within my consciousness and are unleashed by the impact of waves of emotions. They are much more honest, sensitive, and intuitive than I am. I normally try to block the negative emotions or pain to keep my mind in peace. In reality I must be still feeling them. I suppose those ignored feelings emerge as images and make me recognize that they exist. 

I live with them and they live with me.




As minhas criaturas ocultas


Sou testemunha das minhas criaturas solitárias.

Os meus queridos coabitantes são extremamente honestos e sensíveis.

Vivem num lugar escuro e pacífico.

Estão desamparados, mas não desesperançados.

São feios, mas encantadores.

Os seus braços retorcidos procuram um abraço e os seus cabelos emaranhados desejam uma suave carícia.

As lágrimas por trás do sorriso, o choro silencioso.

São mudos, mas falam com os olhos.


Encontro essas criaturas quando sinto urgência para desenhar. Eles estão, normalmente, escondidos dentro de mim.

Desenhar sempre foi um canal para me conectar com eles. Às vezes vejo-os como visões, e outras eles surgem como figuras das linhas que desenho.

Eles existem escondidos na minha consciência e são libertados pelo impacto das ondas de emoções. Eles são muito mais honestos, sensíveis e intuitivos do que eu. Normalmente tento bloquear as emoções negativas ou a dor, para manter a minha mente em paz. Na verdade, devo continuar a senti-las. Suponho que esses sentimentos ignorados surgem como imagens e me fazem reconhecer que eles existem. 

Eu vivo com eles, e eles vivem comigo.



A solo exhibition in Loja 11.


12 November - 24 December 2021